10 Landmine Exercises You’ve Never Tried…PLUS 5 More!

I recently published an article for a site called BreakingMuscle, titled:

10 Landmine Exercises You’ve Never Tried – And Should.”

Fortunately, it was pretty popular, and ended up landing me on the Personal Training Development Center’s ‘Best Fitness Articles of the Week.’


My original list had 15 exercises, so I thought I’d mention the other 5 here.

Admittedly, they aren’t necessarily as life-changing as the Top 10, but I think you’ll enjoy playing around with them next time you’re at the gym.

Most of them fall into the ‘isolation exercise’ category, as opposed to the compound or multi-joint movements already shared.

And in case your gym doesn’t have a landmine, I also provide a few device alternatives at the end of this post.

11. Landmine Lateral Raises

Similar to the squat and lunge, the landmine seems to force you into an ideal position for the lateral raise. One of the reason’s it’s potentially more favorable than a dumbbell, is because you can increase the weight by 1-2.5lb increments (which is not always possible at a commercial gym).

Here’s a clip of the inventor, Ben Bruno, performing this innovative exercise.

And me demonstrating Ben’s version, while sharing an additional variation.

12. Landmine Rollout

I understand that ab rollouts can be done with a regular barbell (or wheel), but this landmine substitute is worth a try. Mainly because the off-center angle you’re forced into is quite challenging.

13. 1-Arm Landmine Pivot Press

This exercise is essentially the standing 1-arm landmine press ‘with a twist.’ The two variations are courtesy of Strength-Coach BFF’s Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore:

“Jerry (Tony) tells the jokes. Dean sings the song…and gets the girl.” – Coach Herman Boone, Remember The Titans

14. Landmine Grip Work

Since the average fitness facility caps their dumbbell weight at 125lbs, and not every gym go-er brings Fat Gripz to their workout sessions, there’s somewhat of a constraint on grip training potential. Not to mention, it can be quite challenging to maneuver heavy ass dumbbells around. As aside from your hands being fried when you try to return the DBs to the rack, you run the risk of getting booted from the gym (or breaking your toe) when you drop an 100lb+ from 3-feet up.

The landmine takes care of both these challenges. Making it a great replacement or addition to your grip strength routine.

As you may pick up on while watching the video, these holds are also useful as an anti-flexion core exercise.  And yes, I realize there’s no weight on the bar.

15. Landmine Arm Work

Keeping with the theme of fat grip work, here are two arm exercises I hope the Bodybuilding Bro’s will appreciate. Personally, I think the 1-Arm Fat Grip Tricep Extensions are a winner.

Note: The tricep extension can also be performed overhead; in kneeling position

20+ Exercises For < $30

For anyone with a garage gym, or small private training studio, purchasing a landmine is a no-brainer. It’s an inexpensive, convenient piece of equipment that offers you a long list of extremely effective exercises. The one I use in the videos cost me $30, and attaches to the bottom of a squat rack.

LandMine Attachment for a Power Cage

If $30 is outside your budget, it’s also possible to create a makeshift version for $5-10 using a kettlebell and some PVC piping. Like Chris Melton did here:

And if these options aren’t possible, because you belong to a commercial gym; try placing the bar in the middle of an upside down Reebok step.


Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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