5 Exercises You Should Be Doing Daily (aka Lifestyle Movements)

Anyone that’s done a 12-week exercise plan, stopped completely, and lost all their results, understands the importance of consistency. Similar to the way someone busting their butt in the gym every day, and getting nowhere understands that it’s what you do the other 23hrs that matters.

(or maybe they don’t…lol)

Provided you have your sleep schedule and training regimen dialed in, and your stress level and starch intake dialed back, you should be looking for ways to move better on a daily basis. Since when it comes to preserving mobility and preventing deterioration it’s less about how you’re moving each week or month, and more about how you’re moving day-in and day-out. Especially in today’s technology-dominated, convenience-focused, inactivity-promoting environment.

The chronic sitting and slouching that’s characteristic of the majority is producing a structurally-imbalanced human, with rounded shoulders, tight hip flexors, a weak core, and a non-existent ass. So, in addition to performing the movements that are in our DNA (walking, deep squatting), and lifting weights occasionally, it’s critical that we’re taking steps to counteract these problems DAILY.


Fortunately, none of them require a gym. And realistically, you can bang them out at the office.

If you’re embarrassed (which you shouldn’t be), do em on your lunch break!


As mentioned above, and in all 3 of my books, we’re genetically programmed to cover long distances OFTEN.   Unfortunately, cars, grocery stores, and other modern conveniences have eliminated the need to do it. Leaving you with 2 options:

  • Schedule walking into your daily routine
  • Make your life inconvenient (sell your car, get a dog)

Personally, I like the 2nd option as it puts you in a situation where you have to walk. But either way, you need to walk; so figure it out. Listen to music, make some phone calls, tune into your favorite podcast, or simply enjoy the parasympathetic peace and quiet.

2.Deep Squat

Pre-1700 we didn’t have the throne of a toilet we have today. We’d dig a hole and #2 in the bush, or jump on one of these South-East Asian style toilets.


We also used to sit in a deep squat to do stuff, like tend the fire. Which obviously is never done today (aside from the odd time we go camping).

Long story short, you need to revive the deep squat. Whether you do it on your walk, do it first thing in the morning while you’re waiting on the coffee, or playing with your kids. It’s good for your hips, knees and low back, and it’s great for your bowels!

3.Standing Leg Swings

In 1% Fitness I recommend doing these at the office with your knee slightly bent (so you don’t kick your cubicle buddy in the face), but the traditional leg swing is with a straight leg, and it provides a little better stretch of the hip flexor and hamstrings.

As you’ll discover, the effort is minimal, while the return is significant. Largely because sitting has our hamstrings and hip flexors chronically bent. Which not only makes you prone to pulls and strains when you decide to move, but leaves you with pains in other areas – low back being the most common.

4.Bird Dog

The bird dog is a triple-threat, in that it takes care of 3 weaknesses we’re now facing thanks to computers and convenience.

  • Upper back
  • Glutes
  • Core

Basically, you get on all 4’s and bring your opposing elbow to your opposing knee, and then extend both of them out.

Super simple, but super effective. And surprisingly challenging, even when you’ve been doing them for a while.

For added difficulty practice pausing for 1-3seconds when extended.

5.Scarecrow Press or Arm Circles

Two exercises are mentioned here, because personally I do both; and in all honesty I’m on the fence. The scarecrow press addresses the external and internal rotators of the shoulder, in addition to improving the overhead press. While the arm circles really explore that shoulder and scapular mobility, which is extremely important.


So pick your poison, alternate each day, or do both; your call. But do at least 1..and do it DAILY.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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