A Healthy Dose of Running

I get asked this question a lot:

Is there a healthy dose of running?

In my opinion, No; if you’re not walking 30min per day.  And if you are, and have additional time to exercise, you’re better off doing a couple 20-30 minute weight training sessions per week.

Still have time left?

Throw in an additional session of what I call “Being an athlete.” Which could consist of:

  •  A 15-20 minute workout of dynamic/explosive movement intervals for 30sec, followed by 30sec rest
  • Sprint intervals of anywhere from 50-150yds, with a 1-2 min or walk back recovery.
  • Participating in a sport once/week

I highly doubt you have any time or energy after that, and if you do I suggest getting a job, making a friend, or finding a hobby outside of exercise.

There’s no recommendation for jogging, because everything I’ve mentioned is superior for body composition, health, and longevity. Sadly, most that choose to jog or ride a bicycle are spending all their time jogging or riding the bicycle instead of building muscle and getting strong. When realistically:

Any cardiovascular benefit from moderate intensity endurance training is achieved by walking 30min/day.

And reduces stress instead of inducing it.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike