Animal Protein is Acidic But NOT Harmful – Part 2 (Cancer)

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I hate to pick on vegetarians again, but this is a classic response to justifying their reasoning for becoming a vegetarian:

“Well you know Cancer grows in an acidic environment and meat is vveeerrrryyy acidic.”

  • Takes bite of bagel with cream cheese, and sip of soy latte.

“There’s TONS of research showing that an alkaline diet prevents Cancer growth, and can even remove Cancer Cells.”

First of all, the speculation that there’s an association between the pH of our diet and cancer would depend on the foods we eat changing the pH of our blood and extracellular fluid (which is impossible).

The pH level of the foods you’re eating can alter the acid or alkaline measure of your urine, but canNOT adjust the pH of your blood.

Second of all, cancer cells can grow in any environment (not just an acidic one), with most experiments showing growth at normal pH (7.4). In fact, once a tumor develops it creates it’s own pH.

It’s not the pH of the blood that causes the cancer, it’s the cancer that promotes the acidic blood.

And realistically, even if an alkaline diet has produced impressive associations with better health and longevity, there’s no reason why a meat-eater can’t consume ample amounts of fruits and vegetables and enjoy the same benefits.

Alkaline-forming foods are not only in the ‘Pro’ column for vegetarianism.

In fact, when you look at the dietary habits of our hunter-gatherer ‘predominantly meat-eating’ ancestors, you’ll notice they were able to maintain a net alkaline diet, while getting 35-50% of total calories from animal flesh.

Therefore, even if an acidic-diet was a problem (which it isn’t), there’s no reason to restrict animal protein. Not only can meat-eaters consume as many alkaline-forming foods as vegetarians, but by eliminating grains, beans and sugar (also acidic) they can more than likely achieve a less-acidic one.

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Coach Mike


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