Born to Eat SATURATED Fat

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors thrived averaging 50% of their total calories from fat. And despite the so-called ‘healthy advice’ of the last 50 years most of it was from animals, that were high in the saturated and monounsaturated fats, and low in the polyunsaturated stuff.

“The preshistoric humans of North America frequented animals such as camel, bison, mammoth, mountain sheep, bear, wild pig, beaver, elk, mule deer, sloth, and antelope, what we’d refer to as ‘very fatty meats’ today.” – Stanford & Day, Ice Age Hunters of the Rockies

Which kind of makes you wonder why we’ve been told to restrict saturated fat, when they looked like this:


And we look like this:

“But, hunter-gatherers had a shorter life expectancy.  Right?”

Yes, but childhood death was more common (skewing the average), and those of the Paleolithic Era had to deal with inferior shelter, a long-list of hungry predators, and didn’t have a grocery store down the street.  In fact, considering the lack of medical care, one could argue that the infant mortality rate was relatively low, and the life expectancy high (10% lived to 60).

More importantly, the diseases plaguing North Americans today were virtually non-existent in hunger-gatherer societies.  A point outlined by Dr. Loren Cordain – professor in the Health and Exercise Science Department at Colorado State University and one of the top global researchers in the area of evolutionary medicine – who found no signs of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and even near-sightedness or acne in the tribes. In addition to being taller than Modern Americans and without the bone malformations associated with malnutrition.

So, technically speaking we’re living longer (when you look at averages), but it’s clear that less and less of those years are disease-free.

“But haven’t we evolved significantly since the days of the hunter-gatherer?”

No.  Science suggests that the human genetic constitution has changed very little in the past 40,000 years, with some providing proof that we only differ by 0.02%! 


The reality is, we’re nearly identical to our hunter-gather ancestors of over 1 million years ago who had an unbelievable body composition and flawless health, eating 50% of their calories from fatty animal foods.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike