Butter = Butyrate = Better Bacteria

When I presented the questionable evidence on fiber in Eat Meat & Stop Jogging, we discussed the importance of the health of our colon and gastrointestinal system. Aside from all the benefits of cooking with saturated fat already mentioned and the positive relationship with CLA and long-term health, dairy fat (specifically butter) is especially beneficial because nearly 4% of it is from an anti-inflammatory substance called butyrate.

Butyrate provides support for the walls of the intestinal tract by supplying energy to the cells lining the colon. Scientists have found that these colon cells will die from a LACK of butyrate, which is likely why butyrate supplementation has proven effective in treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, like leaky gut, Chron’s, colitis and even colorectal cancer!

Perhaps this is why gut related disorders are more common now than ever?

Obviously there are other contributing factors (cough..grains…cough), and higher levels of awareness as researchers continue to hone in on the gut specifically. However, I’d say it’s 1 more feather in the cap for bringing butter back…

…which clearly never should’ve left in the first place.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike