Cardio…Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!

Chronic aerobic exercise not only favors muscle breakdown from elevated cortisol and free radical accumulation, but its time lost when you could have been building muscle.


Moderate intensity jogging, cycling, or riding the elliptical for 1-2hrs is extremely time consuming when performed several days a week (or daily!), when equal or better results can be achieved in a quarter of the time (or less!).

This is because:

‘Intensity’ improves Vo2 Max and other measures of aerobic performance, more than ‘duration.’

Meaning spending 2hrs doing ‘cardio’ to improve your endurance is a GIANT waste of time; when it can be done in 10-20 minutes.


Moreover, with an activity like HIIT or weight lifting, the ‘training effect’ is experienced in non-working muscle (because of neural adaptions).  Meaning, half of the time spent running could have been invested in an activity that produces more metabolically active muscle, burns more fat, and raises critical hormones (testosterone, IGF-1).

Unlike resistance exercise, aerobic training does not produce significant changes muscle size or strength, only producing favorable increases in endurance capacity.  Improvements that can be achieved in 1/18th the time, and without the harmful consequences (cortisol, oxidative stress, hormone disruption).

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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