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Beyond Live It NOT Diet! – Test Your Digestion (The HCL Test)

Poor digestion has become extremely common, and it’s usually because of an underactive stomach (low acid secretion) and undersecreting organs (pancreas, gall bladder, etc).   How this happens is debatable, but most research points to chronic gut damage; which is the product of poor food choices (high grain, low meat), excess stress, and over-medicating (antibiotics, antacids,…

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Pushing for the Perfect Poop – Using Your Stool as a Prevention Tool

Bowel movements are one of the best gauges of health. So it’s unfortunate to hear that people are uneducated on the topic, and ignoring clear signs of dysfunction. But perhaps we can blame western medicine for that, as they’d rather take your blood pressure, look in your ears and write-up a prescription then ask about…

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