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Nature’s MCT Oil – That You’re Probably Not Consuming

The saturated fat in coconut and palm oil is predominantly a medium chain triglyceride (64% MCT), which has been shown to increase fat burning and metabolism.  More than likely because of its ability to produce heat (thermogenic) and provide immediate fuel, so more fat is oxidized and less stored away as body fat. A 2001…

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Zonulin – Connecting Wheat & Leaky Gut

Our gut does a lot more than simply break down food and absorb nutrients. It acts as the barrier between our insides and the outside world, determining what’s allowed in, and what’s a threat that needs to be destroyed. Health issues arise when this barrier is compromised, and/or the signaling of what should come in…

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Eat Fish or Take Fish Oil

Our bodies can’t make omega-3’s, which is why they’re classified as ‘essential’ fatty acids (EFAs). Meaning, we need to consume fish or high-quality meat on a regular basis, or we run the risk of deficiency. Vegetarians will attempt to tell you otherwise, but plant foods only contain short-chain omega-3’s (ALA), which have an extremely weak…

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Why You Should Fast…Occasionally

Those of you that have completed Live It, NOT Diet!, know I’m an advocate of fasting. As it essentially gives you the opportunity to benefit from an overall reduction in calories, without the damaging effects (and difficulty) that come with calorie restriction diets. By avoiding food for an entire day, we can expect many of…

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