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Adapting Your Diet & Lifestyle To The Winter

Most of us understand that the colder months are associated with less sunshine, shorter days, and a lower activity level. But few (if any) of us make adjustments to our nutrition, training and lifestyle regimen to compliment it. Interestingly, some have suggested that failing to make the proper changes in the winter is one of…

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Herbs And Spices – My Top 10 Herbs For Health

This is a long post, so I’ll cut to the chase. Herbs and spices are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, and they’re packed with powerful essential oils that kill bacteria, boost antioxidant protection, and prevent disease. Try adding a few of the top 10 herbs mentioned below (and top 10 spices…

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How Stress Makes You Fat & Sick (and what to do about it)

Most of us recognize that excess stress is bad for our health and body composition, but not many of us understand why. Because if we did, we’d probably start paying a little more attention to the techniques for reducing it; instead of treating it like hippy mumbo-jumbo or a curfew from Mom and Dad, and…

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Live It NOT Diet! FAQs – Low Energy

If you’re still in the first few days (or week) of Phase 1, low energy is perfectly normal. The more insulin resistant you are, and more you’ve been relying on sugar-fuel, the more difficult the first few days of Live It NOT Diet! are going to be. Try to think of it as reassurance that…

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Pushing for the Perfect Poop – Using Your Stool as a Prevention Tool

Bowel movements are one of the best gauges of health. So it’s unfortunate to hear that people are uneducated on the topic, and ignoring clear signs of dysfunction. But perhaps we can blame western medicine for that, as they’d rather take your blood pressure, look in your ears and write-up a prescription then ask about…

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How Poor Sleep Makes You Fat & Sick

Sleep is of utmost importance to your body composition, because it can positively or negatively affect your hormonal profile. With just one hour of missed sleep (than what is optimal for you) prompting your brain to release cortisol, and throwing off your natural circadian flow of “elevated in the morning” and “decreasing throughout the day.…

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