Chronic Cardio = Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation and oxidation are 2 of the biggest factors in determining whether or not you develop a life threatening disease. With both being beneficial in acute and infrequent doses to maintain homeostasis, but chronic exposure to either making the biological clock start ticking.

Other than increasing oxidation, long-distance endurance exercise favors excessive cortisol secretion and discourages anabolic hormones, which creates inflammation in the brain, reproductive system, intestinal tract, and heart.


The other inflammation promoters are oxidative stress and chronically elevated insulin.  And unfortunately, these are also characteristic of the long distance runner, cycler, or swimmer. Who goes too far, too frequently, and usually carb-ups to do-so, and carb-reloads to continue doing so.

Carb-up for the Workout – Burn the Carbs – Carb-up to Replenish.

Point being, the elevated inflammatory markers experienced after aerobic exercise, are much higher than those tested after alternative forms of exercise. And that’s before considering the other inflammation drivers that come with this exercise choice – like the excessive cortisol secretion, blood sugar swings, and free radical production.

Making you wonder if the inflammatory response from this form exercise is actually a beneficial one?

And whether this is the driving force behind the heart disease, compromised immune function, disrupted reproductive health, and early death that occurs in long-distance runners?

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike