Cooking Books vs. Faking Research – What’s the Diff?

Earlier this month I was reviewing a blog post from Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (author of The Great Cholesterol Con and Doctoring Data) sharing information regarding a $2 billion lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline for falsifying research to get their antidepressant drug approved to sell.

Sadly, this ‘truth’ was not uncovered until long after the drug had been on the market. Meaning thousands (if not millions) of individuals suffering from depression were exposed to the negative side effects; which just happened to be suicidal thoughts!

Yes you heard me right. A pharmaceutical company faked their way onto the market, had doctors prescribe the product to their patients with depression, and it made them want to kill themselves.

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. The product never worked for depression in the first place. The company fudged the evidence, and it wasn’t until after people died that a proper review was done.

Nothing a $2 billion slap on the wrist can’t fix right?

I say slap on the wrist because that’s what this kind of money is for these guys. And sadly, it’s probably why they’ll have no problem faking their way onto the market in the future.

What’s disturbing, is that we send an accountant to jail for cooking the books, while these scientists and MDs get off with a fine.

Why no jail time?

Conrad Black and Martha Stewart go to jail for their financial behavior, but these guys take lives and get to go home to their families?

Is money more important to us than a life?

In this case, apparently it is.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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