Discretely Obese (Skinny Fat)

Today, excessive belly-fat seems to be more common than a flat stomach.  Although many may be looking good with their clothes on, very few are looking attractive in their bathing or birthday suits.


Skinny-fat (aka MONW – metabolically obese normal weight) is a direct consequence of the flawed advice being fed to North Americans over the last 100 years.  Conventional wisdom on staying healthy and getting fit produces two unfortunate physiques. Surprisingly, I believe skinny fat is more detrimental to our health as this sector of the population is less likely to adjust their habits. They’re not noticeably unfit and fashion trends like skinny jeans have them convinced that they’re on the right track.

A 2012 report found that 37% of ‘skinny’ kids showed signs of being pre-diabetic!

A lack of muscle and physical strength, and body fat around the midsection, is just as harmful to your health as being noticeably overweight. Regardless of the space you occupy, if your waist to hip ratio is greater than 0.85 as a women and 0.90 as a man, you’re at a significantly higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and all-cause mortality.

The common approach to getting fit has us so focused on ‘weight’ and ‘slim,’ so we wrongly assume that a lower body weight must be healthier.  The reality is, a 160lb man can have more body fat than a 200lb man that’s the same height. Aside from the health consequences from excess fat, I can bet you the 200lb man’s physique is more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, strong and muscular is always more attractive than skinny arms and legs, no ass, and a high concentration of belly fat. 

By prioritizing muscle building foods (animal protein), and muscle building exercise (resistance training), you produce a lean body that burns body fat while sedentary.  Sadly, most dealing with a skinny fat physique have bought into the eat less and exercise more approach to getting fit.

Chronic cardio and calorie restriction diets has them fitting into Abercrombie t-shirts, but sporting the midsection of a muffin top from Seinfield:


All jokes aside, you may be fooling the scale and the clothed version of yourself, but you’re just as at-risk of future health issues.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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