Eat Your Meat WITH The Fat

In “Eat More Meat, Burn More Fat,” I wrote about Vilhjalmur Steffanson’s adventure to the Arctic where he was forced to adapt to an Inuit Diet. After becoming extremely lean, fit, and full of energy while eating only meat, fish, and fat, Steffanson brought his story to North America. The scientific community quickly became interested, and decided to put him and Dr. Karsten Anderson (a colleague from his expedition) on a highly supervised ALL-MEAT diet.

The interesting part of this research is not that the results were phenomenal – dropped excess fat, higher metabolic rate, better cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increased energy – but that originally the men were tested using only lean meats (no fat). After only 3 days the men were getting sick and feeling horrible, until fattier cuts were introduced.

As Steffanson says in his book, Adventures in Diet:

“If yours is a meat diet then you simply must have fat with your lean; otherwise you would sicken and die.”

Knowing this, it seems odd that supposed health and nutrition ‘experts’ suggest only lean meat right?

Not only has research been clear in stating that saturated fats are absolutely essential to staying healthy, but they’re necessary for keeping satiation (fullness) and energy high when following a low-carbohydrate eating strategy.

This is why I encourage you to leave the fat on your meat while cooking, and consume it when eating. As I discuss in Live It NOT Diet, you also want to get in the habit of using saturated fats (butter, coconut oil) for frying and monounsaturated fats (olive oil, avocado oil) for flavoring – greasing your pans with it, using it as a condiment, and even putting it in your coffee!

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike