Expert Fat

“A 1993 survey of 17,000 women found that 86% of those interviewed got nutritional information from magazines, a principal source being food advertisements.” (Rothstein Public Health)

20 years later and I bet that percentage is higher, but maybe now the source is talk show hosts!

People fail on diets, because they listen to OTHER PEOPLE. Not just celebrities trying to make a buck pushing high-fructose corn syrup filled yogurt, but even friends and family that may be on a new meal replacement, super supplement, or part of the latest protein shake pyramid scheme.

Unfortunately, when it comes to exercise and nutrition, everyone’s an expert!

The reality is, none of them are experts.  Especially if you’ve watched them struggle with their body composition or bounce around between ‘diets’ for the last decade.  Why is it we wouldn’t take advice from a homeless realtor, or a financial advisor driving a clunker, yet we readily accept information on how to lose fat and get fit from someone that’s in bad shape?

We’re bombarded with quick-fix diet and exercise solutions that either don’t work or don’t last.  If it was as ‘easy,’ as they make it sound, we’d all be lean, strong, and healthy.  The day you recognize that, is the day you start getting the results you desire…and maintaining them!

Cut down on the Expert Fat and you’ll cut down on the Body Fat.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike