Front Squat For Better Quads

The Barbell Back Squat is often regarded as the most effective way to enhance the explosive movements necessary to excel in athletic performance. Although similar to the hip extension, there are a variety of ways to load and execute the squat that are equally challenging and effective in their own unique way.

book 3 - image 73&74

Interestingly, a research study in 2014 in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that the 3 muscles that make up the quadriceps experienced greater activation from a Barbell Front Squat, when compared directly to the Back Squat.

book 3 - image 74.b

Which is likely the result of a higher-proportion of knee-loading. As the researchers noted less forward trunk lean and hamstring activation, meaning a more upright body position and less hip-loading.

book 3 - image 75&76

The other interesting thing about the Front Squat, is that research has shown that the quad activation is equivalent to the Back Squat when using lighter weights. Implying that we can achieve maximal muscle activation with squatting variations other than a Barbell Back Squat, and a variety of loading options – big and small.

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