Get Lean With Green Tea

We’ve already discussed the benefits of coffee, but tea is just as impressive.  With Green Tea, specifically, bringing the most health benefits (though it could also be because it’s the most commonly studied).

Green tea stimulates fat burning and muscle building, supports the immune system, regulates blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity, and even prevents bone loss.


Research always paints a better picture, so take this study from 2013, that looked at green tea’s effect on body composition and resting metabolic rate in overweight and obese women. All participants were put on a diet for 4 weeks, and then divided into 4 groups:

  • No Green Tea (N)
  • 10g of Green Tea Powder 2 times/day (GT)
  • No Green Tea but Weight Trained (WT)
  • 10g of Green Tea Powder + Weight Training (GT + WT)

The results?

  • N = +2.1% body fat
  • GT = -4.7% body fat
  • WT = -4.4% body fat
  • GT + WT = -10.3% body fat

Obviously green tea and weight training combined (GT + WT) produces the best results in body composition, but how about the bigger drop in % body fat from ‘Green Tea Only,’ (GT) compared to ‘Weight Training Only’ (WT)?

More importantly, how about ‘Green Tea Only’ (GT) vs. ‘No Green Tea’ (N)?

Do you see it?

Simply ingesting green tea and doing NOTHING else accounted for a 6.8% differential in body fat!


Other than a reduction in inflammation and elevation in resting metabolic rate, research has suggested that green tea’s amazing ability to lower body fat can be attributed to antioxidants (like polyphenols). They not only help rid the body of waste products and reduce oxidative stress (including the alcohol-induced kind!) but they appear to improve the testosterone and adrenaline in the blood – stimulating fat burning and muscle building.

The only catch is that 10g of green tea powder is A LOT of green tea!  So your results may not be as impressive with a few cups a day, but it’s still making a difference.

Likewise, your results may not be as impressive for fat loss with ‘other’ (non-green) teas, but each one brings it own list of health benefits.  With the various herbal teas, being excellent night-time beverages, since they can inhibit late night cravings and help you wind down for a great night sleep. And some, like those containing rosemary and thyme, have even been shown to help kill bad bacteria in the gut.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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