Getting Fat = Higher Chance of Staying Fat…And Getting Sick

In general, excess fat is the result of something – crappy diet, poor sleep, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, sedentary behavior.  As opposed to ‘something,’ being the result of excess fat.  However, there are a few things caused by excess fat; and unfortunately they tend to promote additional fat storage.

For example, fat cells secrete a protein called resistin, which makes it harder to access fat to burn.
I think the name says it all:

The more fat cells you have, the more RESISTant they become, and the more RESISTIN you produce.

What’s worse, is that resistin promotes the production of small dense LDL cholesterol particles, and accelerates the development of insulin resistance.  As we’ve discussed, the more insulin resistant you become, the higher the likelihood that your meal becomes fat in the blood or fat on your body. Elevating fat storage, and increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive impairment.

Unfortunately, resistin isn’t the only thing secreted by fat cells. They also secrete inflammatory chemicals (called adipokines), that promote chronic inflammation. Research has reported 24 different varieties of circulating adipokines that have a direct relationship with body fat levels:


If you’ve read Eat Meat And Stop Jogging, you know that:

Chronic Inflammation = Chronic Disease

This is no doubt, one of the reasons we see obesity associated with nearly every degenerative (including cancer).

Nearly everything starts with excess fat; and it doesn’t even have to be excessive.

Just being ‘slightly overweight’ raises heart disease risk by 17%!

The cards are stacked against you, when you let yourself gain. Not only because excess fat increases your risk of disease, but because fat cells increase your likelihood of gaining more.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike