High Fiber? More Like Undercover Sugar!

Ask anyone why they eat whole grains, and they’ll tell you it’s for the fiber.

“This cereal has lot of bran, which I need to stay regular.”

“I choose whole grain bread because it lowers my blood pressure and cholesterol.”


One can’t help but be impressed by the cereal companies. As they’ve managed to take the cheapest, junkiest food and convince us that it’s required for a healthy diet.

We not only believe the message, but we spread it around for them; as if these brand statements are fact.  When realistically:

We don’t need Bran to stay regular, or Cheerios to lower cholesterol. That’s what we’ve been told by companies that sell Bran and Cheerios!

And in fact, bran used to be a waste byproduct of the milling process. Until misleading research surfaced in the late 90’s suggesting that North Americans were unhealthier than other cultures because of a lack of fiber in our diet.


Kelloggs and other cereal giants jumped on the research and started making billions on the bran they used to throw in the garbage.  Telling us we need it to prevent cancer and heart disease, while quoting research from experiments they funded!

Meanwhile, as was illustrated in in a 1999 study on 89,000 U.S. Nurses, there’s no association with fiber and cancer:

“Our data do not support the existence of an important protective effect of dietary fiber against colorectal cancer or adenoma.” New England Journal of Medicine

And it’s the same story with heart disease. Since, as we’ve discussed in the past, cholesterol is a horrible predictor of heart disease; whether fiber lowers it or not.


More importantly, whole grains are high in triglyceride raising carbohydrates. Which as I outlined in a recent YouTube video, is because grains are simply ‘Many Sugars’ (polysaccharides).

Don’t Be a Victim of Whole Grain Weight Gain.

Unfortunately, North Americans have received the message loud and clear that sugar is bad, yet fail to recognize that the bread they’re putting zero-sugar jam on will raise their blood sugar faster than pure table sugar!

Bran, barley, wheat, oats, rice, quinoa, amaranth, kamut, spelt, millet, rye, buckwheat, sorghum, and maize will become sugar and spike insulin no matter how you slice it. And other than driving fat storage, their consumption promotes inflammation, and intestinal damage.

This is likely why any long-term study on a high-fiber diet (like the DART study from 1989) shows no benefit and plenty of detriment:

The group eating twice as much fiber ended up with a 23% greater risk of heart attack, and a 27% increased risk of dying.

And it’s also why, improving your body composition and preventing disease, start with avoiding high-sugar, pro-inflammatory, nutrient robbing whole grains, and prioritizing vegetables and key fats that feed and support our gastrointestinal system.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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