If Meat = Murder, Monocrops = Mass Murder

Although I’ve already disarmed the majority of the arguments for avoiding animal protein:

Malnourished vegans and vegetarians will continue to sing the same song:

“Animals are living things. Meat is murder.”

“There is not enough land, water, or resources for the population to consume animal products.”

They tell us ‘Grains Can Feed the World,’ not realizing that they’re destroying more land, using more resources, and killing more animals in the process.

Wheat, corn, and soy are Monocrops, that are essentially stripping the earth of it’s ability to reproduce.

Monocrops not only increase the rate of soil erosion from ploughing, but they decrease the water content of the soil and remove key nutrients like magnesium and zinc (necessary to stay strong and healthy). Once the soil is destroyed in one area, the crop field must occupy a new location (with fertile soil), and significant time and resources are needed to restore the previous spot.

Franklin D. Roosevelt put it perfectly when he said:

“A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

Monocrops are taking over the world while returning nothing to the soil. They inhibit grass growth, which limits animal feed, and reduces meat quality. Forcing us to feed our animals the same crappy soy, corn, and wheat we’re fattening and killing ourselves with.  More importantly, they’re driving animals out of their homes to lay down these giant crop fields, and soaking up the water supply in order to keep them irrigated.

It’s been suggested that 90% of the Northern US Prairies have already been taken over by Monocrops.

The circle of life is supposed to be a give and take relationship.  A cows stomach has a rumen, allowing them to consume grass and digest cellulose. We, as humans, cannot digest grass and therefore look to the cow to consume grass and convert it into digestible fat and protein (the cow’s body). The cow is not only providing humans with essential protein and fat, but they’re ensuring the health of the grass & soil by:

  1. Grazing – keeping the grass short and giving it the ability to re-grow properly. Without grazing, grass gets too long and creates a shade on the stem – inhibiting future growth.
  2. Fertilizing – bacteria in the rumen/stomach of the cow feed on the grass and the cow consumes the bacteria for growth. When the cow digests and eliminates waste, it provides manure to the soil, which feeds the grass, and fertilizes it with nutrients to grow.

The cow and human are cultivating the re-growth of grass to continue the cycle.

Soil – Grass – Cows – Humans – Soil (Repeat)

Crops, on the other hand, are destroying and taking over the land, sucking water reserves dry, and eliminating any potential for regrowth. When you consider the number of animals driven out of their forests and homes to provide crops with the water and land necessary, who’s the murderer now?…

…and on what scale?

The environmental reasoning for not eating meat is severely flawed, and the moral reasoning may be even worse. One cow can nourish one human being for an entire year – how many grains are necessary to feed (notice I don’t say nourish) 1 human being?…

…and how many animals are killed in the process?

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike