It’s Ketosis NOT Ketoacidosis

People are often scared away from low-carbohydrate eating because they misunderstand, or learn from people that misunderstand (cough..dieticians…cough), the body’s natural adaptive process called ketosis.  As even though we’re genetically designed to bounce in and out of it frequently, and go very long stretches with no ill-effects, they wrongfully associate it with ketoacidosis – which is an excessive production of ketones that occurs in type 1 diabetics because they don’t have the insulin to lower blood glucose and inhibit glucagon.

Basically, ketosis means fat is being burned as fuel. And as illustrated in the chart below, the difference between a Ketogenic (or very low-carb) Diet and diabetic ketoacidosis is MASSIVELY different:


But more importantly, the fat burning potential is tremendous! As if you take a good look at the chart above, you’ll realize that:

A ketogenic diet is superior to starving yourself for 1 week, while eating as much food as you want!

And better still, is that unlike starving yourself, you’ll KEEP YOUR MUSCLE. So you can look like the Matthew McConaughey on the left, not the right:

It's ketosis not ketoacidosis - matthew mccounaughey

Not only because a ketogenic diet gives you the opportunity to max out on non-carbohydrate derived energy (protein and fat), but because the ketones themselves suppress the need to oxidize muscle.

For instance:

A 1998 study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation determined that one of the major ketone bodies produced during ketosis promotes protein absorption and inhibits amino acid (leucine) oxidation.

Which sounds pretty damn good to me. Eating as much tasty food as I want to complete satisfaction, while burning more fat (than not eating) and maintaining all my muscle….?


And that’s before considering the health benefits.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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