Discover The 14 Principles For Getting (& Staying) Fit

WITHOUT Starving, Struggling & Sacrificing Your Health

In Live It NOT Diet!, Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Mike Sheridan, shows you how the right diet and lifestyle habits can have you:

  • Burning fat without exercise
  • Losing weight without hunger
  • Staying lean while still indulging
  • Getting healthy while still enjoying it

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The 3-Phase Lifestyle Plan

  • Become a Fat Burner

  • Reward Your Hard Work

  • Find Your Balance

The reason Live It NOT Diet! works so well, is because it's sustainable.  Giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive, and progressing you from an initial 3-weeks of intense fat burning, to a lifestyle strategy where maintenance almost feels easy.

We're not starving our way to drastic and unhealthy amounts of weight for an upcoming vacation, or heavy-dosing some ancient Chinese "superfood" to get supermodel slim in 6 weeks.

We're prioritizing the foods we need, eliminating the foods we don't, and getting ourselves to a point where we can enjoy all the great indulgences of life while maintaining a lean, healthy physique and supporting a strong body and mind.

What Other Health & Nutrition Professionals Are Saying

About Coach Mike And The Live It NOT Diet! Program

Jimmy Moore

"Live It NOT Diet! goes against the grain and challenges everything you've heard about healthy living. Embrace the change and your body will thank you!"

Jimmy Moore
Author of Keto Clarity
Robb Wolf

"The perfect mix of practical experience, scientific support, and common sense. Mike Sheridan knows his stuff, and he's very good at conveying his message."

Robb Wolf
Author of The Paleo Solution
Amy Berger

"Mike Sheridan is on the cutting edge of what it takes to get people results -- and best of all, it doesn't require starvation or living at the gym."

Amy Berger
Author of The Alzheimer's Antidote
Dr. Jamie Richards

"Mike Sheridan is a super smart dude who is really passionate about helping people obtain and/or rediscover their health."

Dr. Jamie Richards
CEO of LifeByDesign

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