Live It NOT Diet! FAQs – Low Energy

If you’re still in the first few days (or week) of Phase 1, low energy is perfectly normal. The more insulin resistant you are, and more you’ve been relying on sugar-fuel, the more difficult the first few days of Live It NOT Diet! are going to be. Try to think of it as reassurance that you’re doing the right thing; as this is first-hand evidence that this was DEFINITELY needed.

Step 1 – Revisit Your Goals (WHY are you doing this?)

If you’re well past the first week or two, and you still have low energy, it’s probably that you’re not eating enough. Don’t forget that this is not a calorie-restriction plan. If you’re consuming the right foods, you WILL get the results eating as much as you want.

Step 2 – Eat More Protein

I’ll assume you’re ‘Making Animal Protein Mandatory’ at main meals, so try increasing how much protein that is (aim for 0.75g/lb of bodyweight). If you’re already taking in more protein than you can handle, try increasing the fat.

Cook with it (coconut oil), add it to meals (butter), and even eat it as a snack (ex: avocado, olives).

Step 3 – Use More Fat

If protein and fat are on-point, and your leanness and workout regimen calls for it, the last step would be increasing your post-exercise glucose consumption.   A little sweet potato in the meal that follows exercise, or an extra piece of fruit right after your workout, won’t hurt. As long as it’s understood, that this is for the ‘Visable Abs’ crew after an ‘Intense’ workout.


If you don’t have the leanness yet and/or aren’t working out, please opt for the higher protein and higher fat first.

Step 4 – Increase ‘Good Starch’ Post Workout

The other potential issue, and a very common one at that, is that you’re not sleeping.

Outside of struggling to transition from sugar-burner to fat-burner in Phase 1, low energy usually stems from not eating enough food or not sleeping well. Review the ‘Rules on Sleep‘ in the book, and try upping your intake of protein and fat. If you’re taking part in high-intensity exercise, and ‘lookin lean,’ go ahead and try a little more ‘good starch’ post-workout.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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