Lower The Carbs – Higher The Fat Burning

Let’s be honest, the reason we try to make nutritional changes is to improve our physique. As although staying healthy and preventing disease are important, most of us pass on dessert because we want to look better in our swim trunks.

bathing suit

But that being said, looking better and “losing weight” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.  Since most weight-loss programs use calorie restriction, and this makes us lose a combination of muscle and fat. With research suggesting that:

Average muscle loss on a generic calorie-cutting diet is over 40%!

Which aside from accelerating the aging process, and making fat storage more likely in the future, isn’t exactly aligned with the better physique we were shooting for in the first place.

…regardless of what the scale says.


Conversely, we could have followed a low-carbohydrate strategy and lost strictly fat!

For instance, in a 1971 research study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers put obese men on diets of equal calories and protein, but varied carbohydrate contents (30g, 60g, or 104g), and found these differences:


Or put another way:

By keeping carbohydrates at 60g lower the men lost 5kg more weight, and the composition of fat in that weight was 20% higher.

“Why?” you ask.

Because excess carbohydrates are driving fat storage, not excess calories!

Or as the grandfather of low-carb eating, Dr. Robert Atkins, explains it:

“They would lose weight because they would keep their insulin down. They wouldn’t be hungry and they would have less resistance to burning their own fat.”

robert atkins

This was the guy everyone called a ‘quack’ right?

Interestingly, he also had this to say about heart disease:

“Sugars and starches are harmful in any event because they raised triglyceride levels and this was a greater risk factor for heart disease than cholesterol.”

Which makes you think he was the only one brave enough to question conventional wisdom – and smart enough to pass on the bread, cereal, and QUACKers.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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