More Protein = Less Hunger

Animal Protein is the only food I classify as mandatory on my program, because without it we may survive, but the long-term deterioration to our health, makes it impossible to thrive. Plus, when animal protein is lacking in the diet, the results are poor. Not only because it supports muscle, but because it has a considerable impact on our hormones.

A reduced caloric state increases the hunger hormone (ghrelin), and if hunger remains unsatisfied, our body stops burning and starts storing.

As discussed in Eat Meat And Stop Jogging, those trying to ‘restrict calories’ to ‘lose weight’ end up avoiding animal foods because they’re highest in calories. Leaving them ravishingly hungry (high ghrelin), and making them prone to fat storage instead of fat burning; as their body looks to conserve energy for the future.

Depending on the composition of that ‘low-calorie’ meal, the situation can quickly become even worse. Like when it’s mostly carbohydrates (which tends to be common), because there’s a large spike in glucose and insulin, and a corresponding reduction in glucagon (fat burning).

high carb

Not only inhibiting the ability to release fat (lipolysis), but producing a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) situation shortly after.


Skyrocketing hunger for a person that’s already experiencing an above average level of hunger.

Goodluck saying no to that pumpkin scone in the Starbucks line!


Conversely, when you get the majority of your calories from animal protein, you experience the opposite.  A high-protein meal releases more glucagon than insulin and glucose, and keeps your blood sugar stable.


Leaving you satiated (high leptin) to your next meal, and burning fat instead of sugar (high glucose).

Any irony that ‘leptin’ is the Greek word for ‘THIN’??

By ‘Making Animal Protein Mandatory,’ you’ll not only look and feel fantastic, but it will never feel like a diet.  Your body is getting the food it needs, and your hormones are moving in the right direction, so there’s no need to track, count, restrict, and starve.

Stay Lean

Coach Mike