No Increase in Cancer From Red Meat

Despite what you’ve been told (or heard in the media) there’s no association between red meat and cancer. Similar to the false connection between saturated fat and heart disease, the misinformation surrounding cancer started with misleading research.

In 1970, Dr. Ernst Wynder had apparently found a correlation between animal fats and colorectal cancer; until it was discovered that his research used vegetable fats.

The reason we continue to see inconsistencies today, is because the research fails to make a clear distinction between processed and unprocessed meat.  Processed sausages, bacon, cold cuts, and how the meat is prepared (whether burnt or charred) are the only time ‘correlations’ between red meat and cancer have been drawn…

…which for the record, is MUCH weaker than ‘causation.’

Vegetarians love to use The Seventh Day Adventists, a vegetarian Christian group, as an example of low cancer and mortality rates from avoiding meat. The problem is, you can’t compare them to a meat-eater in regular society, as they are a secluded group that doesn’t smoke or drink, and likely doesn’t engage in other life shortening lifestyle decisions. A meat-eating equivalent to this group would be the Mormons, who follow similar principles with respect to smoking, drinking, and lifestyle choices.

How do disease rates for the Mormons compare to the U.S. Average?

  • 22% Lower Cancer Rate
  • 34% Lower Mortality Rate from Colon Cancer

Also worth noting, is that despite the Seventh Day Adventists low rate of colorectal cancer, they seem to be at a higher risk for other cancers – Hodgkin’s disease, malignant melanoma, brain, skin, uterine, prostate, endometrial, cervical, and ovarian.  Perhaps related to their lack of animal protein consumption?…

…or maybe their overconsumption of plant-based protein alternatives (soy)?

One can only speculate.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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