No Salt, Butter, Red Meat, or Coffee? Doc’s Got it All Wrong

Middle aged guy goes into the doctor and discovers he’s on the verge of heart disease. So along with instructing him to take a statin, the doctor tells him to eat less fat and more fiber, stop drinking coffee, and cut down on salt.

Because everyone knows the statin and fiber will lower his cholesterol level, eating less salt will keep his blood pressure down, coffee will prevent an accelerated heart rate, and less saturated fat means less heart disease. Right?



The reason he’s at risk of a heart attack is not because he eats too much salt and fat, or drinks too much coffee. He’s developed heart disease because he’s followed the dietary guidelines that tell him to eat 6-11 servings of whole grains, and restrict animal protein and fat.

Plus, he was brought up in the treat with medication era, where we somehow lost sight of the fact that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the best approach for disease-free living. Not a bottle of Advil, a box of Robaxacet, and a pharmaceutical sampler for a purse!

Simply put:

Our parents don’t need to gon low-fat-no-salt diets, stop drinking coffee, and rely on pharmaceutical intervention, they need to stop following the dietary guidelines.

As when they stop doing that, they:

  • Lose bodyfat
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower blood glucose, insulin and A1C
  • Shift Type B LDL Cholesterol (small/dense) to Type A (big/fluffy)

And guess what else happens…?

They release salt and lower their blood pressure!

Because salt isn’t the cause.  It’s the symptom.

Just like coffee isn’t the cause, and saturated fat isn’t the case.  They’re simply ways to reduce the symptoms of a flawed diet and lifestyle strategy.  That sadly, only became flawed when we stopped listening to bacon-and-egg eating, roast-beef-making Grandma, and started listening to government’s employed by Cereal Companies and doctors bank-rolled by Big Pharma.

So go ahead and eat butter, red meat, and salt; and drink coffee.

The only catch is, you gotta ditch the Cardboard Crunch, Special Krap and Wonder Dead.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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