Pass the Meat & Dairy Fat

I’m going to show you a chart, and you tell me if you can identify any trends. While analyzing the numbers (and the years), keep in mind that obesity has increased steadily from the early 70’s to present day:


Do you see it?

There are actually several conclusions you can draw, with my favorite being the steady increase in grains and reduction in meat/fish and eggs. However, what I wanted you to see was the gradual reduction in dairy. As conventional wisdom tells us that Meat & Dairy products make us fat.

If obesity has been rising steadily since the mid 70’s wouldn’t you expect Meat & Dairy to increase over that time period?

I’ll do the numbers for you:

  • Grain+Fruit+Veg = up 2.1
    • 1977 = 10.3
    • 1996 = 12.4
  • Meat+Dairy = down 1.3
    • 1977 = 7.3
    • 1996 = 6.0

We’ve increased our consumption of carbohydrates by 2.1 servings per day, and decreased our intake of meat and dairy by 1.2 servings.  Yet animal products are to blame for obesity and disease?

What’s more shocking, is that the milk consumed in 1996 was low-fat or skimmed, while the milk in 1977 was whole or full-fat.


And the meat consumed today is mostly white meat (via chicken), not red meat (via beef):


Meaning, we’re actually eating less of the saturated fat and red meat that’s supposedly causing all of our health problems.  While eating more of the whole grains and vegetables oils that are supposedly preventing these health problems.


Wheat Flour per Capita

Leaving one to question whether our health advice is really improving our health.  As it sure seems like we’ve got it backwards, doesn’t it?

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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