Gut Maintenance Bundle (Extra Strength)

Standard Probiotic + Strong HCL

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Go With Your Gut - Maintenance Bundle

As I discuss in Go With Your Gut, we're all victims of a damaging dietary past and over-medicating present. And this has left us with varying degrees of digestive distress, malabsorption, bacteria imbalance (dysbiosis), and intestinal permeability.

The product bundle below is designed for EXTRA STRENGTH gut maintenance.  Meaning, it assumes you're still taking 4-6 lower-strength HCL capsules (with no burn) after an initial, more intensive round of probiotics and a full month of supplementation.

(For Standard Maintenance Click Here.)

Biotics Research – BioDoph-7 Plus – 60 capsules

Bacterial imbalance (or dysbiosis) in the gut has become more common than not. And though there are a variety of potential triggers – like inflammatory foods, environmental exposure, and chronic stress – antibiotics appear to be the driving force. Leaving individuals with reduced levels of good gut flora, an overgrowth of bad gut flora, and an increased susceptibility to sickness and infection.

Step 1 is re-establishing a positive bacterial environment – which is best accomplished with the 15-strain probiotic recommended in the Intervention Phase. And once that’s established, we can look to a product with a little less diversity (7-strains), a lower bacteria count (20 billion), and a decent amount of prebiotics – like this one from Biotics.

Douglas Labs – Betaine Plus – 250 capsules

A healthy gut starts with good digestion, and good digestion starts with a healthy gut. Meaning, individuals struggling with any sort of chronic gastrointestinal issue (IBS, reflux, gas, bloating), nutrient deficiency (B12, iron, folate), or inflammatory condition (dermatitis, arthritis) should consider a digestive supplement as a first line of defense. While individuals not yet struggling should consider assessing their digestion before it becomes an issue.

This product is designed for those struggling to secrete hydrochloric acid (HCL) – either because of a heavily reliance on antacids in the past, a bacterial infection (like h pylori) that’s downregulating acid production, or simply because they’ve been undereating animal protein and it’s resulted in reduced gastric secretion over time.

Note – Those new to this information are encouraged to experiment with the HCL test, and a lower potency digestive product before supplementing with these highly acidic capsules.

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