Saturated Fat is Not Harmful BUT…

We still hear it, and depending on whether or not you’ve read this blog or Eat Meat And Stop Jogging, you might even still be saying it:

“But too much saturated fat raises cholesterol, and high cholesterol raises your risk of heart disease.”

Does it?

Since North Americans started reducing their saturated fat intake (approx 1970), obesity has DOUBLED, diabetes TRIPLED, and heart disease (the reason we started reducing in the first place) is STILL the most common cause of death.


Because the original evidence linking saturated fat to heart disease was a flat-out lie.  It has never been associated with heart disease or mortality, and as these 4 reliable studies demonstrate, it never will be:

As I’ve illustrated many times on this website, the conventional advice to ‘eat less fat’ to prevent heart disease has forced us to fill up on insulin-skyrocketing whole-grains. Increasing our waistlines, reducing our insulin sensitivity, promoting inflammation and increasing triglycerides – the real causes of heart disease.

This study from 2003 is a great example of how backwards this conventional advice really is.  Researchers took a group of obese individuals who already had cardiovascular disease and put them on a HIGH saturated fat, NO starch diet; which according to the governments low-fat expert panel, should have resulted in murder.

So, did the participants die?

No! They lost bodyweight and bodyfat, and lowered their LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

“When we eat diets high in naturally occurring saturated fat from meat (such as stearic acid, which is the major saturated fat found in beef, chicken, and pork), LDL cholesterol is not elevated as long as carb intake is low to moderate.” Volek & Forsythe, 2005

I underlined the critical point that MUST be understood. Eating more fat is great, but only when you’re limiting your carbohydrate intake.  You can eat lots of saturated fats, (even 2-3x the average) and still reduce triglycerides in the blood, but that’s provided you’re restricting carbs!

This is because low insulin levels (from low sugar intake) accelerate the burning of all fats. Whereas, if insulin is chronically elevated, the body can’t burn the fat:

High-Carb and High-Fat = HUGE mess!

Trust me when I say that it’s no coincidence ‘Avoiding Carbs’ precedes ‘Flavor with Fat’ in Live It NOT Diet!.  Although I’ll be the first to tell you there’s no reason to fear saturated fat, I’m assuming you’re keeping the other principles in check.  Cut the carbs, make animal protein mandatory, and fill the gaps with fat and fiber (grain-free of course), and you’re primed for a longer, stronger life.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike