Starch and Cancer?

Despite claims favoring a plant-based diet and plenty of whole grains for fiber, being the supposed preferred diet for cancer prevention, there’s plenty of evidence proving otherwise.  For instance, two research studies from Italy in 2005 found a direct relationship with starch intake and breast and prostate cancer.

The first study took 1294 men with confirmed prostate cancer, and 1451 men without, determining that:

Men who consumed the most starch, had a 1.4 higher risk of prostate cancer than those consuming the least.

Likewise, the breast cancer study, from the Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, analyzed dietary habits of 2569 women (and 3413 women to act as a control) from 1991-1999 and found:

The starch rich diet increased breast cancer risk by 34%.

And animal products?

They reduced breast cancer by 26%!

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