STOP Counting Calories – Eat More & Burn More

Ask the majority why people get fat, and they’ll tell you it’s because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough. As unfortunately, there’s a universal consensus that obesity is driven by a daily caloric excess, and losing weight is achieved by simply eating less and exercising more to reach a caloric deficit.

But aside from the fact that ‘more’ exercise is an ineffective weight-loss strategy to begin with (because it’s filled with an increase in food and sedentary behaviour), working out to ‘burn calories’ promotes muscle loss, which slows our non-exercise burning rate (resting metabolic rate) and puts us at an increased risk of disease and disability.

(That is, when it revolves around revolves around long-distance steady-state cardio.)

The same holds true with a calorie-restriction diet. As we see ‘weight’ loss, but it comes in the form of muscle loss, which slows our resting metabolic rate, and makes fat storage more likely in the future.yo-yo-dieting

Basically, our body doesn’t like being in a chronic energy deficit, so it stockpiles calories by burning less, storing more, and doing it’s best to access more (increases hunger). With hunger being one of the main reasons people fail on diets, because it skyrockets in a chronic caloric deficit.  Whether that’s achieved via excessive output (exercise), inadequate input (diet), or both.

“So what the heck do you do?”

You change the QUALITY of your food, not the quantity. Because when you’re eating the right foods, calories don’t matter.  You can actually eat MORE than you calorie-restricted counterparts and burn MORE fat.  For instance:

This study in the Lancet showed that individuals on a 2000-calorie balanced diet lost no weight, while those on a low-carbohydrate plan lost fat while eating 2600 calories!

In my Live It NOT Diet! program there are no ‘daily quantities’ or ‘portion sizes’ because they’re irrelevant. Those eating less carbohydrates and prioritizing animal protein and fat, lose more body fat while eating more food, and never going hungry. As demonstrated in this 2003 study from Journal of Pediatrics, that took overweight adolescent boys and put them on a low-fat or low-carb eating plan.

The low carbohydrate group not only lost TWICE as much weight (19lbs vs. 8.5lbs) but they averaged 700 MORE calories per day!

Calorie-restrictors may lose weight, but they eventually gain it back, or burn themselves out in an effort to maintain their results. In both cases, they’re in a consistent battle with hunger and fat storage, and progress towards a low-muscle high-fat (skinny fat) physique.


Carbohydrate-restrictors, on the other hand, lose weight while eating until they’re satisfied and exercising very little. The reason they can get away with less exercise is because the majority of the weight lost is fat. Meaning, they maintain their muscle, and keep their resting metabolic rate elevated – not only creating a more attractive physique, but making it easier to maintain.

Losing fat and keeping it off is actually quite simple.  The only challenge is getting people like you to:

STOP Counting Calories and START Making Calories Count.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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