Strength Innovation – Rolling Dips

Had the pleasure of working out with an old friend of mine a few weeks ago, who shared an awesome variation to your standard Tricep Dips.

standard dip

Since he’s now in the Special Forces, he shall remain nameless. But hopefully, I can continue to learn some of the uncommon exercises he’s picked up over the last couple years.  Not only from his Special Forces training, but because the guy’s always been a strength and conditioning sponge; and he has direct experience applying this knowledge to his own performance in football and martial arts, and the high-level performance of others (including a handful of pro hockey players).

Long story short, here’s the new dip variation (that I decided to call The Rolling Dip):

How cool is that?

It’s definitely not a beginner exercise, but feel free to try it out in place of the standard dips when you’re feeling frisky.  Keeping in mind that it will likely be QUITE challenging at first.

Fortunately, my friend assures me that he struggled with a handful of reps at first, and he now does them with ease. Which sounds refreshing, until you remember that he’s in the Special Forces, can bench 2 times his bodyweight, do muscle-ups with ease, and jump through the roof.

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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