The #1 Reason To Go Low Carb TODAY

Some research points to ‘appetite’ as the key factor driving success on a low-carb eating strategy.  Which, compared to a low-calorie or low-fat plan, wouldn’t be surprising.  Considering that along with a lack of satiating fat, both of these strategies fail to control sugar intake and the skyrocketing hunger that comes after it.


But more importantly, many of the high-carb foods limited or avoided on a low-carbohydrate plan, contain addictive substances that actually promote more eating.  With wheat being the perfect example.

Gluten, the protein found in wheat, is broken down into amino acids called polypeptides. And for whatever reason, these polypeptides are permitted access to our brains (pass the blood-brain barrier) where they attach to morphine receptors that makes us CRAVE MORE in the future, and even EAT MORE now!

  • In one study, ‘binge eaters’ were put in a room full of food and those with the effects of the addictive substance (gluteomorphin) blocked, ate 28% less wheat containing snacks (pretzels, crackers, etc).
  • In another study, individuals were given free-reign to eat whatever they pleased in a cafeteria, and those with the drug-blocker, ended up consuming 1/3 less food at lunch and ¼ less food at dinner.

Sugars and sweeteners may be even worse, as studies suggest that regular intake can lead to an addiction as powerful as cocaine. With one group of researchers from the University Bordeaux in France commenting that:

“…sweet sensations evoked by sugar-sweetened foods and drinks are probably one of the most precocious, frequent and intense sensory pleasures of modern humans.”

And demonstrating that rats prefer sugar (saccharin) over cocaine, even after full-blown cocaine intoxication!

“Intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and –addicted individuals.”

Which is probably why there’s a look of ‘surprise’ from others when you pass on dessert, and a look of ‘future attempted murder’ when you make a suggestion to your lunch date that they ditch the dinner roll.


Drug addicts try to justify their consumption, just as you try to convince yourself that you need whole grains and starchy carbohydrates for energy and fiber.  But the longer you continue to satisfy your hunger with the addictive properties in wheat and sugar, the more intense the cravings for these foods persist when hunger strikes next…a couple hours later?

“Step 1 is Admitting You Have a Problem.”

Even though it comes down to behavior, your choices are unfortunately determined by stronger influences than strictly ‘discipline.’  And sadly, we’re not only told to eat more servings of grains, and choose low-fat foods (which have more sugar) from the government, but we’re bombarded with advertisements that speak to our addiction.

It’s like blasting a rebounding crack head with advertisements on where, and how he can score drugs…that are on sale!!


Aside from all the health and body composition benefits, the number one reason to start following a low-carbohydrate eating strategy, is because you’re an addict. The question is, are you checking into rehab today, or waiting until next week?

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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