1% Fitness FAQs – The Best Time to Exercise?

We all have a slightly different chronobiology.  Meaning, optimal timing for you, may not be optimal for someone else; no matter what topic we’re discussing.


This even holds true when it comes to exercise. Although, there appears to be a more significant factor.

“From a practical point of view, adaptation to strength training is greater at the time of day at which training was scheduled than at other times.” J Strength Cond Res, 2012

In other words, the best time to train is the time you can ‘consistently’ train at. As our body appears to adapt to our training schedule, whatever time we decide that is.

The only training time that appears to pose a slight problem, is one that’s too close to bed. With some research showing that pre-sleep high-intensity exercise can delay sleep onset.  This is because vigorous exercise gets the hormones and excitement flowing when we should be winding down before bed. Whereas, exercise earlier in the day seems to sit well with our circadian rhthym and natural flow of cortisol.

circadian rhythm

BUT, as we just discussed, if night-time is the only time you can train, then train at night! You’re better off training when it’s convenient for you, than not training at all.

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Coach Mike


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