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The Better Body Brand - Daily Essentials

There are a handful of essential nutrients lacking in most diets, regardless of how "healthy" they appear to be.  Those following my Live It NOT Diet! plan (and even those that aren't) are encouraged to consider these 4 supplements on a daily basis:

Vitamin D3 is best known for promoting healthy bone composition by enhancing calcium absorption and retention, but it also enhances cardiovascular and immune health and provides cellular support to tissues of the breast, prostate, and colon.

This convenient liquid formula delivers 1,000IUs of vitamin D3 per drop, and contains only hypoallergenic, GMO-free ingredients.

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 Magnesium acts as either an essential cofactor, or active compound in over 300 metabolic reactions. Including, but not limited to it’s role in cellular structure, growth and reproduction, energy transfer, storage, and utilization.

Each capsule of this pharmaceutical-grade supplement contains 3 chelated forms of magnesium (aspartate, gluconate, glycinate) for optimal absorption. It’s best taken before bed because of it’s calming effect.

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Zinc supports the structure and function of the body. Playing an essential role in more than 200 enzyme processes – including those related to normal growth and immune function, reproductive health, and genetic expression.

This supplemental zinc product is chelated with picolinic acid – a natural byproduct of the amino acid tryptophan, that binds to minerals and increases their absorption. Each capsule supplies 30mg of zinc; which is well above the daily recommended intake, but well within the healthy dosage requirements, and disease preventing levels presented in clinical studies.

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Douglas Labs – Opti-DHA – 60 Softgels

Without a regular intake of fish, seafood, and wild or pasture-raised animal products (meat, eggs, dairy), an adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids can be difficult to obtain. Largely because the short-chain omega-3’s found in plants is poorly converted to the long-chain EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexeanoic acid) required by humans, but also because the over-use of omega-6-rich oils and additives has increased our needs.

This fish oil product is unique in that it provides 3 times as much DHA as EPA. Meaning, an adequate daily dose of the omega-3 fatty acid we require most (in 1-2 softgels), and added protection against the pro-inflammatory fatty acids that can be difficult to avoid completely.

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