The Foot Rebuilding VIDEO

Last week an excerpt from my 1% Fitness book was posted as an article on Charles Poliquin’s website,

The 20+ Muscles You’re Forgetting & Why They Continue to Weaken

It discusses the importance of strengthening your feet, which account for “25% of the bones and muscles in your body.” And shows us how each new day in restrictive shoes, can change the form and function of our feet – providing too much support, and permitting unnatural movement.

pic 3

Shoes are essentially “coffins for your feet,” and the rebuilding program included in the article is what needs to be done to bring them back to life.

For your convenience, I’ve demonstrated them in this short video:

Word of caution, is that there’s a high likelihood your physio, doctor, or orthopedic salesman will call me a quack, and you an idiot. So when this happens, I suggest proving your point by asking them to take off their shoes and walk across the room on the balls of their feet.

The truth is, anyone that’s been wearing orthotics their whole life is NOT a foot expert; and anyone that makes a living off treating your bad feet, is not interested in strengthening them.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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