The New Normal?

Two thirds of adults and one third of children (2-15) are overweight or obese, according to a recent report in the British Medical Journal.  Is it now fair to say it’s officially ‘common’ to be out of shape?

I can recall my mom and dad saying ‘if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?’

Sadly, it seems that at least 60% of adults are forgetting this very important lesson from their parents.  Everyone else is obese, so why do you continue to eat and live like everyone else?

Are we all so obsessed with our smart phones that we forget to lift up our heads and look around the room?

Or is it a failure to face the music?

It’s also been suggested that “77% of parents with obese children don’t think their child is overweight.”

Are they avoiding reality, or is this the new normal?

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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