Turning the Trap Bar into a Safety Squat Bar

The other day I posted an article called “8 Unconventional Uses for the Trap Bar” for BreakingMuscle.com. If you take the time to read it, you’ll come across a section where I discuss turning the Trap Bar Squat into a Safety Bar Squat.  Here’s the text from the article (in italics):

5. Trap Bar Squat

This exercise was born after experimenting with the high farmers walk. I recognized it was a winner when a client with poor shoulder mobility was successful with it.

The client not only loved the innovation, but I came up with this padded option in the middle of our session.

Padded Trap Bar 1

I didn’t have a squat pad, so that’s a yoga mat. Anything could be used really, even a towel.

Padded Trap Bar 2

Basically, it gives you the ability to rest the back of the bar on your shoulders like a safety bar. The only difference being, you don’t have to buy a safety squat bar.

Unfortunately, I never posted the video with this device in the original article.  So here it is:

Stay Lean!

Coach Mike


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