Wait Til You’re My Age

Research may be suggesting that we’re living longer, but the majority of us are plagued with some form of degenerative disease for the last 10-20% of our life.

That’s okay though.  It’s all part of the natural aging process, right?


Why is it when I say that I’ll live past 100 and have a strong body and mind right into my grave, I get this reaction:

“Yah Right! We all get old pal – hip fractures, cancer, Alzheimer’s – just wait til you’re my age.

When I’m your age, my waist-line won’t protrude over my belt, and my health will be flawless. When I’m your age I’ll feel as strong and limber as I do now and my mind will be equally as sharp. I’ll be running around with my grandchildren and taking exciting trips with my family and friends. Not stuck in a chair or restricted to a walker.  I know this because I follow a daily routine that prioritizes my health, and I refuse to let anything get in the way of my goal of living a long disease-free life.


Most understand that Type 2 Diabetes is an avoidable disease because it’s related to our diet and lifestyle habits.  However, many think a disease like Alzheimer’s is outside our control, and we’re simply ‘unlucky’ if we get it.

Well what if I told you:

Cognitive impairment (decline in brain performance) increases by 220% if you develop diabetes before age 65!?

Most degenerative disease is behavior related – including those of the brain.  We have a choice, and the choice is made everyday. You’re either taking the necessary steps to live a long and healthy life, or you’re not. You’re either making the choices to maintain a low body-fat and build muscle, or you’re not. You’re either accepting that you’re going to be a decrepit old man or woman, or you’re not.

EVERY day is an opportunity to prioritize the tasks and make the choices that improve the length and quality of your future.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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