We NEED Meat

Although science and anthropology provide ample support for consuming a diet high in animal flesh, I prefer to tackle the vegetarian debate by asking one simple question:

Could you kill an animal with a knife or rock?

What about your bare hands?

The truth is, not a lot of us could. Not only because we’ve never had to, but because we know it would be challenging, physically and psychologically.

So answer me this – if our hunter-gatherer ancestors of the past were perfectly capable of surviving on roots and shoots, nuts and berries, what drove them to track and kill an animal?

Better yet, what gave them the desire to make a spear and risk their ilves with a sabretooth tiger or wooly mammoth?

The Answer…

…an innate desire for the essential nutrients, amino acids, and fats from animal protein.

We Need Meat!

That ‘need’ dates as far back as 1.5 million years ago, as b12 deficiency was shown in fossils from our hominoid ancestors.  We saw it then, and we see it now.  The vegetarian diet leads to malnourishment, because of its failure to provide the ‘essentials’ of life.  This inadequacy leads to muscle wasting and anemia as youngsters, and osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s as we age.

There was a case study in 1980 that compared 2 prehistoric populations living in the same area but with significantly different nutritional habits – agriculturists (Hardin Village) and hunter-gatherers (Indian Knoll). The villagers lived mainly on corn, beans, and squash, and the hunter-gatherers mostly meat, fish, and wild fruit. After researchers analyzed the health of both populations, this is what they found:

  • Longer lifespan and lower infant mortality for the hunter-gatherers
  • Common iron, calcium, and protein deficiencies in the villagers
  • No bone malformations or cavities for the hunter-gatherers, and an average of 7 for the farmers

You may be able to survive without eating meat (as many do…or pretend to do), but you will not thrive.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike