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1% Fitness - Online Workouts

All 4 phases included in this Online Workout Package are based on the principles laid out in 1% Fitness. With the first 3 phases progressing you from basic bodyweight resistance to more advanced weight-lifting and dynamic movements, and the final phase building on the 3-stage plan from the book and delivering 8 more weeks of workouts that take up less than 1% of your time (100min/week).

Phase 1 is the 2-week introductory bodyweight program that needs to be successfully executed in order to proceed to weighted-resistance in Phase 2, and high-intensity interval training in Phase 3. Each bodyweight maneuver has 4 levels, that even the highly experienced will find quite challenging when executed according to the guidelines.

Phase 2 is your introduction to weighted-resistance, after having successfully completed the introductory bodyweight program. It calls for 2 total-body training sessions per week, and takes you through 1 higher-rep, slower-tempo muscle-building workout for 2 weeks, and 1 lower-rep, faster-tempo strength-building workout for 2 weeks.

Phase 3 builds on our introduction to weighted-resistance – with more challenging exercises – and adds 1 session of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to the schedule – making it 3 sessions/week.  Aside from continuing to build strength and muscle in the weight room, this phase aims to get you moving athletically with dynamic exercises for speed and power.

Phase 4 continues with 1 total body resistance training session (performed 2-days/week) and 1 high-intensity interval training session (performed 1-day week) every 2 weeks, but with the addition of several new barbell and dumbbell variations, and a slight increase in volume.  It was originally designed for those that needed additional assistance after completing the 3-Phase program from the book.

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