The 3-Step Transformation Bundle

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  • Book 1 - Eat Meat And Stop Jogging
  • Book 2 - Live It NOT Diet!
  • Book 3 - 1% Fitness
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My 3-Step Transformation Plan

I've helped thousands of people get fit and stay fit, WITHOUT counting calories, doing cardio or sacrificing their health. And now I'm offering All 3 Steps of my Transformation Plan at a discounted price - so you can do the same!

No more under-eating and over-exercising to lose, counting and measuring food like a lab rat, or convincing yourself that weight watchers will finally work this year. As I show you how to burn fat without exercise, lose weight without hunger, stay lean while still indulging, and get healthy while still enjoying it.

Book 1 – Eat Meat And Stop Jogging – 208 Pages

Highlights the flaws in the prevailing advice to get fit, and illustrates the negative affect on our health and physique. With Mike discussing the need for red meat, saturated fat and cholesterol in human nutrition, outlining the long-term consequences of losing weight via marathon training, plant based nutrition and extreme dieting, and helping the reader understand that most medical professionals, public health authorities, and fitness and wellness coaches, are ill-informed when it comes to the science of nutrition, exercise physiology, and what it takes to get fit, stay fit, and live with abundant health.

Book 2 – Live It NOT Diet! – 358 Pages

Lays out the fundamentals of human nutrition and metabolism, and optimal health and fitness. Not only educating the reader with 14 food and nutrition principles – distributed across 3 carefully constructed phases – but motivating them with a collection of diet and weight loss facts – that call for immediate action.

Book 3 – 1% Fitness – 328 Pages

Shows you how to build the ideal physique and improve your long-term health, with a minimal commitment to exercise. Delivering 9 performance principles and progressing you across 7 workout phases – so you’re primed for success no matter what your training level.

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