Strength Innovation – Windshield Wipers, Glute Rolls, & Quad Dips

Normally these posts are reserved for innovations in ‘strength,’ but these dynamic stretches are too good not to share. They were originally added to my 10-Min Warm-Up to address some personal needs, but now they’ve become a pre-workout staple…if it not a daily staple!

1. Windshield Wipers

The first exercise addresses hip rotation tightness; both internally and externally.

A reclined position is easier than an upright position, and Windshield Wipers from a Deep Squat are the ultimate test of mobility.

2. Cross-Legged Glute Roll

For those with chronic Glute Med or QL tightness (like me), you’ll also want to give these Cross-Legged Glute Rolls a shot.

The goal is keeping your back and arms plastered to the floor, while letting your lower half do the twisting. Progressing from top-leg-ankle close to knee to further up the quad, and getting the heel of your bottom leg as close to your butt as possible.

3. Quad Dip Walk

Some sort of hip flexor stretch should always be part of a dynamic warm-up, as it’s commonly tight (from sitting) and commonly aggravated from lifting. Unfortunately, the classic leg swings and walking lunges don’t always do the trick; especially when they’re combined with lack-luster efforts and improper execution.

The Quad Dip Walk, on the other hand, definitely hits the sweet spot, and with minimal effort required. Plus, it plugs right in to the traditional 10-20yd group training warm-up of butt kicks, hamstring sweeps, side lunges, and running A’s.

Bonus #4 – Neck Roll to Crab Bridge

I recently shared this one in an article for T-Nation called “3 Ways to Move Better and Lift Harder,” and thought it was appropriate to include here as well.

Similar to the others, it’s a nice edition to your Dynamic Warm-Up; and potentially a consideration for your Daily Movement Regimen (deep squat, walking, etc).

The key is keeping your palms down and fingers pointing forward while getting your crotch as close to your face as possible on the roll back, with full extension of the hips in the crab bridge.

You’ll likely feel it in the shoulders and biceps more than anything, but get in the habit of firing your glutes and trying to hold the stretch for a brief pause at the top.

Stay Lean (and mobile)!
Coach Mike


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