Strength Innovation – Wrist Roll Push-Ups, Body Rocks & Prone Glute Curls

This post is long overdo, as my visit to Human 2.0 (pronounced two-point-zero) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was over a month ago. However, I wanted to be able to create video demonstrations of the AWESOME exercises these guys and gals put me through.

The funny thing is, it was actually a very young girl (19yrs old) that ran us through these movements, and she made all of us guys look like the ‘young girl.’

Just when you think you’re in good shape…

warming up with your max

Although the traditional bodybuilder or power lifter may scoff at the bodyweight manuevers I’m about to share, they’re not easy. Especially if you’re a little taller, a little heavier, or a little weak in the ‘relative’ strength department.

For those unaware of the difference:

  • Absolute strength is ‘how much you can lift’
  • Relative strength is ‘how much you can lift in relation to your bodyweight’

Both are important markers with respect to athletic performance, but analyzing relative (or ‘pound-for-pound’) strength seems to make more sense for the general population.

Annnyywwaayyysss, here’s 4 cool moves I picked up at HUMAN TWO-POINT-ZERO:

1. Wrist-Roll Push-Ups

2. Hollow Body Rocks (or Abdominal Seesaw)

3. Arch Body Rocks (or Low Back Seesaw)

4. Prone Glute Curls (aka Butt Blaster 2.0!)

As depicted by the questionable execution in the videos, my visit to Human 2.0 was definitely a memorable (and eye-opening) one. It served as a friendly reminder, that no matter how good you are (or think you are), there’s always room for improvement.

“Progression Not Perfection”

I do plan to visit them again (if they’ll have me), and if you’re in the Ottawa area I suggest you do the same.


Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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