In Bed With Big Sugar

The Journal of the American Medical Association released a paper last year highlighting a depressing statistic:

Over 65% of adults in the United States are Diabetic or Prediabetic!

But what’s even more depressing is that even this adjusted number is underestimated. As although the study attempted to include undiagnosed diabetic (5.2%) and pre-diabetic (38%) individuals, in addition to those already diagnosed (14.3% and 9.1%) – using Hemoglobin A1C – it’s still missing those with normal blood glucose and excess insulin, or any 1 of 5 abnormal blood sugar responses recorded by Dr. Joseph Kraft.

kraft I-V
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Only Kraft Pattern 1 (or euinsulin) is actually normal, and this is something he only saw in 25% of the 14,384 people he analyzed over 20 years. Suggesting that the true diabetes epidemic would be far worse if the researchers in this new JAMA study used Kraft’s test (the 5 hour glucose with hourly insulin assays).

Disturbing? Yes. Acceptable? No. Especially when you take a look at the so-called health professionals that continue to accept funding and spread “eat less” and “exercise more” advice for Big Sugar.

[A few of the 115 influential health “experts” paid by Coca-Cola from 2010-2015 – full list here]

Or doctors and dieitians – our only true hope of getting through to the fat, sick and misinformed – continuing to attack carbohydrate restriction. With the nut jobs in South Africa going after professor, and low-carb researcher, Tim Noakes (with a lawsuit) for comments he made ON TWITTER!

But I suppose it’s nothing new, as last year they had a problem with this Super Mom (Shan Cooper) for giving her baby REAL FOOD. You know, the type we’re genetically predisposed to eat, that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle or cardboard box, and turn you into one of the obese, insulin-resistant majority.


Personally, I think Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution, gives the best analogy for carbohydrate restriction on a recent podcast with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella (who actually treats types 2 diabetics by the way):

“If someone had a sunburn, we’d tell them to stay out of the sun. Yet, when someone has diabetes, we tell them to keep eating sugar…?”

Which sounds simple, but that’s about as complicated as it needs to be. Unless of course you’re listening to people like Louise Burke, Professor of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport and School of Exercise Science, who apparently “hasn’t seen convincing evidence for high-fat low-carb diets” while being funded by Gatorade.

Or this recent paper in the European Journal of Nutrition, that was funded by “ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods, the Florida Department of Citrus, PepsiCo International, Coca Cola, the Corn Refiners Association, Weight Watchers International and various publishers,” and apparently proves there’s nothing wrong with sugar.

But I’m sure the lead author, and Massachusetts-based cardiologist, Dr. James Rippe was not influenced by the $10 million dollars he received in funding (and $41,000/month retainer) from the Corn Refiners Association….for this study, or any of his other pro-sugar research (1, 2).

dr. james rippe - fraud

Fortunately, it appears some of us still have a backbone, as city supervisors in San Francisco passed an ordinance in 2015 (takes effect 07/2016) that requires sugar-sweetened beverages to include the following statement on billboards:

“Warning: drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.”

Let’s hope other cities and states follow suit. So, just like tobacco, we can take down Big Sugar and bankrupt the Bozos in bed with them.

Stay Lean!
Coach Mike


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